Scholarship's Page 2
                               SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

*      The IACA Scholarship Program is a formally documented advertised and    
       administered by a scholarship committee.

*      Scholarship apphcants come from three avenues:

             - Guidance Department at Vero Beach High School
             - Guidance Department at Vero Beach Charter High School
             - IACA member relatives

*      Scholarship applicants are recommended by appropriate school officials and may self-nominate.

*      Scholarship applicants complete an application identifying their name, address, phone number, birthdate,
       date of graduation, father's name, living/deceased, occupation (if living), mothers name, living/deceased,
       occupation (if living), living with both parents (if not - whom), any physical illinesses or injuries, cumulative
       GPA, class rank, class size, college choice, anticipated major, anticipated expenses, family adjusted
       gross income (beginning $15,000 with $5,000 increments to over $50,000), number in family, number
       of siblings in college, jobs held, whether the student saved toward education.

*      Applications are reviewed by each member of scholarship committee independently. Committee then meets to evaluate students.

*      Scholarship committee members utilize the following ten (10) point system:

             - GPA --4 points GPA 3.81+
                          3 points GPA 3.2 -3.7
                          2 points GPA 2.75-3.1

             - Extra Curricular school activities - 2 points

             - Community volunteerism -2 points

             - Workin9 - 1 point

             - Saving - 1 point (it family income is less than $26,000- 1 point given even if
                    no savings - presuming student is contrubuting to family demands.

                                           GUIDELINES FOR
                      SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS

1. Applicant must he a member or a child or grandchild of a member of the
Men's Italian American Civic Association. (Member must have two-year se-
niority). Applicants will be considered in the following order:
a. Member
b. Member's child living in Florida
c. Member's child not living in Florida
d. Member's grandchild living in Florida
e. Member's grandchild not living in Florida

2. Applicant must complete all items on the Scholarship Application Form
  and must be completed between February 1st - March 15th.

3. Students are eligible for the scholarship upon graduation from high school
  or enrolled in an accredited trade/technical school, community college.
  four-year college (undergraduate work only), Applicant must be enrolled
  as a Full Time Student.

4. Minimum grade point average must be 2.5 and/or minimum letter graae
  average must be a "C".

5. Scholarship recipients may apply every other year, but will only be consid-
  ered if scholarship funds are not exceeded by first time applicants.

6. Applicant must attach to the application form a written letter to the Schol-
  arship Committee on "Why you feel you should be considered for a schol-

7. Current applicant is eligible for only one scholarship from the Italian
  American Civic Association.

8. The number of applicants to be awarded a scholarship will be approved by

 the Board and completed by April 15.